About the Journal

Journal of Public and Communication focuses on writings that contains research and contemporary thinking in the field of Public and Communication Studies in various angles/perspectives.

Field of public, include: administration development, the regional autonomy and bureaucracy, the state apparatus, the decentralisation, the economic and science development, the public management, the governance and its policy, strategic communications, media, culture and society.

Field of communication, include: Media Studies, Advertising, Public Relations, (Integrated) Marketing Communications, Political Economy of Communication, Ethics and Philosophy of Communication. Cultural Studies, (Critical) Discourse Analysis, Semiotics, Narrative Studies, Content and Framing Analysis, Journalism, Broadcasting, Media Literacy, Development Communication, Political Communication, Social Communication, Cultural Communication, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication, Mass Media, Media History, Visual Communication, Film Studies, Cinema Studies, Television Studies, Radio Studies, Community Media Studies, Participatory Communication, Social Media, Information Studies, Communication and Policy.